Memories from Big Flat

by russell on February 9, 2012

BobAs guest poster I’m please to advise that Bob is well on the way to getting his memoirs of childhood summers spent at Big Flat, Northwest California.

Chapters completed so far include …

John George, Honey Bill, and the Henry Rifle
To Dawdle Is Divine
Table Time


I understand there are another twenty plus chapters telling the wonderful stories of Bob’s youth spent with his aunt and uncle in the wilds of northwest California, from the age of six in 1932 and up to the time Bob joined the Navy in World War 2.

The final story listed here, “Why”, is the harrowing story of his miraculous escape from his sinking destroyer in the frigid Bering Seas.

My hand is held high for one of the first printed copies. I urge you all to do the same. Place your order for Bob’s extraordinary, heartwarming stories. You can advise your interest by placing a comment below.



The Red Flyer

by admin on November 12, 2011

Available for download above, one of Bob’s wonderful childhood stories.


Bob’s Website – Work in progress

June 6, 2011

Please return regularly as pages are added and site becomes fully functional

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